The “Ghana House” Project
The time has come for us – The Ghana Association of Hamilton to have a place we can call our own, the time has come for us to have a permanent facility and we want to call it “The Ghana House”.

Why do we need our own place?
– To give us a sense of identity, belongingness, credibility and permanency.
– To run our Meetings, Programs and Activities in a very comfortable and conducive environment.
– To create a gathering place or hub for all Ghanaian-Canadians and their family and friends residing in Hamilton and the surrounding areas.

What kinds of Programs/Activities will be offered in this facility?

• Twi and other Ghanaian language classes
• Cooking classes
• Homework club for youth
• Cultural dance troupe
• Traditional weaving
• Storytelling and verbal history classes

The facility will also act as a meeting place for other events such as:
• Seniors Recreation activities
• Ghanaian Women’s Group
• Networking opportunities for Ghanaians across the Greater Hamilton Area
• Family games nights
• Ghanaian Christmas Gala
• Ghana Fiesta: Celebration of Culture
• Independence Day Celebration
• Annual Summer Picnics

Please consider giving a generous Donation towards this Project