Goal: Creating And Maintaining Relationships within the Ghana Association by the young adults.

This gathering is for the young adults in the association to get to know ourselves, talk about collaborating together and also, build effective working relationships in the association. We hope that the potluck and others like this one, will help to sustain the future of the Ghana Association. The strength of any group lies in part, on having a strong younger generation that is ready to take over when called to do so. A good relationships among the youth and younger adults will ensure that this happens.
As we gather together, we can use the opportunity to discuss initiatives we would like to achieve or see in the Ghana association. My hope is that we can use opportunities like this one to develop a bond that will enable us to work together in the future.

Date of Potluck

Saturday March 31 2018
Time: 3pm Canadian Time
Venue: 39 Thames Way Mount Hope Ontario

Priscilla: 905 5174805
Yvette : 905 9215866

Please let us know ahead of time what food or drink you plan on bringing.

Lets have some fun!!!