Ghana @61 Independence Celebration in Hamilton, Ontario

By Priscilla Ankamah

Ghana Association of Hamilton came together to celebrate Ghana’s Independence on Saturday March 10th 2018 to mark Ghana’s 61st independence from the British on March 6, 1957. Ghana’s independence Celebration is well celebrated among Ghanaians both home and abroad including Hamilton.

About 40 Ghanaians from Hamilton- Ancaster area attended the occasion from all ages. This was an occasion that saw many of Ghana’s favorite local foods on display including the very famous Jollof, Fried Red Plantain, Wakye with Shito sauce, Fufu, Kenkey, grilled meat and so on.

Included in the celebration was a Ghana Trivia Questions “What do you know” where the women in the team successfully defeated the men’s team. It is sad to say this but our men were sore losers and didn’t take this well at all and we are hoping that next year they will come prepared with more knowledge about our motherland. The event also had a drumming circle time that showcased some of our traditional songs and drumming skills. This created the joyous atmosphere that Ghanaians always cherish: laughing dancing. It is important that Ghanaians living in the diaspora engage in meaningful ways to showcase our traditions and to pass on our culture to the next generation.

The President and Host, Mrs. Comfort Afari also opened the floor for Ghanaians in the community who have businesses to introduce themselves and encouraged the Ghanaian Community to support and patronize our brothers and sisters businesses in the community.

It was beautiful seeing Ghanaians having fun! We hope to continue this event going forward. It is also our hope that more and more Ghanaians living in and around Hamilton will join in on the celebration next year.

Please visit our Facebook page for information about the group and how to join. You can also call for information on: 905 517 8410