About Us

A Message from our President, Comfort Afari, MSW, RSW

Welcome to the website of the Ghana Association of Hamilton. One of our main goals as a Community is to strive to stay connected and link up with other Ghanaians and/or friends of Ghana, in Canada, Ghana, and in the Diaspora. As President, my vision is to help build a community where every member feels their voice, interests and concerns are heard, respected and championed. I am particularly interested in fostering a solid relationship first with all people of Ghanaian descent – both young and old who live in Hamilton and its surrounding areas to ensure that their needs are being met adequately in our society. We are all proud to be Hamiltonians and collectively, we can work together to build a vibrant and successful city where we feel safe and comfortable to live in.

Our community is a diverse one – a beautiful mosaic: we have our churches, shops and other businesses, student and youth groups, professionals, artisans, home makers etc. This diversity serves to enrich our programs, activities and discussions and this is what makes us who we are. We should have equal regard and respect for each and every sub-community and the units within them because together we stand strong. We have come a very long way from where we started and we are stronger and more cohesive than ever before. However there is still more work to be done and under my presidency, I am committed to seeing to it that we accomplish our goals and reach greater heights

Thank you

What We Do:

  1. Promote and protect the interests of Ghanaian-Canadians living in the Hamilton area.
  2. Educate ourselves, the youth and the Canadian public about the history, heritage and current affairs of both Ghana-Canada.
  3. Provide a forum for activities and events that will promote cultural awareness as well as cultural exchange between peoples of African descent.
  4. Undertake and /or sponsor programs, activities and scholarships to support our young people.
  5. Liaise and collaborate with organizations with similar interests.
  6. Support Ghanaian-Canadian families during crisis and difficult times.
  7. Provide fun activities throughout the year.

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