• Membership shall be opened to all Ghanaians residing in Hamilton and vicinity who have attained the age of majority and will accept and abide by the Aims and the Constitution of the Association.”
  • Application for membership shall be by registration, accompanied with a fee of $60.00 for which a membership card will be issued.
  • Annual dues are $60.00 per every member as has been determined by the General Assembly

The following forms are available in PDF format for downloading.


pdficon_largeExpense Reimbursement policy (Draft)

pdficon_largeExpense Reimbursement Form ( Draft)


General Meeting Dates – 2015 Calendar year

October 30, 2015

November 28, 2015

Meeting Place:
Wentworth Heights
1620 Upper Wentworth St,
ON L9B 2W3

Membership Application Form

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